Hi Chris,

A few quick tips on the UniColor thing. (I got Eric doing it..so anybody should be able to... :>) ) ...just kidding Eric.

1. Practice the loading / unloading with old film in daylight until it is really easy

2. Gently fold the emulsion side in when loading each sheet

3. Load a sheet ( each side) and slide with a small push of your finger on top edge of film to the bottom of the drum.

4. Clip on clamp (clothes pin) to v- channel near top of drum

5. Slowly while pinching open clothes pin - slide towards bottom until you gently bump up against the sheets already in drum.

6. Add 2 more sheets until they just clear top lip of drum (feel with fingers in dark)

As for unloading..here is the easy tip.

1. After all the washing is done just set drum in sink with top lid facing upwards.

2. Take off lid and fill drum with proper temperature water.

3. Stick your hand in and gently (you can feel the clothes pin) slide up each top sheet

4. Sometimes the sheet will catch on the lip of drum but with a little care it will easily slide by. (work on this)

5. Gently (while pushing up frm below) grasp a corner of the sheet and remove.

6. Hang to dry and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Hope this helps.