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My experience printing panoramic negatives was for a pro ten or fifteen years ago. He shot with a Noblex. The one characteristic of these negatives I found challenging was a significant shift in density from the center outwards. I recall using my fist to dodge the center area for the base exposure, so I guess the rotating lens design has its faults. I used his Beseler 4x5 with a custom cut carrier.

The Noblex was pretty neat but I would be more likely to put a Super Angulon 90 on a 4x5 and just crop it. I think it would be easier to print.
I have a Noblex 150, and I don't find this to be the case. Are you sure he had a Noblex, or that it wasn't an enlarging issue (wrong condensers or too short an enlarging lens for the format)? There shouldn't be falloff from the extreme edges to the center, unless the lighting favors the center of the image, because the lens is a constant distance from the film and it isn't a particularly wide lens (50mm Tessar on the medium format Noblexes). This is in fact one of the more unusual qualities of a swing lens image. Another possibility is that the camera had a problem causing uneven exposure, but it wouldn't be falloff of illumination like you would expect from an ultrawide lens.

Here are a couple of Noblex images in my flickr account, and they didn't require dodging in the center--