I hear and read comments about how icky chemicals are that use the single blix formulation instead of separate bleach and fixer. I understand the arguments, or the logic of using separate chemicals, but is it documented that films are not archival when using a blix formulation?

One of the things that has spurred my thinking, I've been going through some of my 30yr old films, and some are faded badly and some are pristine, even though they've all been stored identically. I'm assuming maybe the processing is the variable in this.

I guess what I'm asking is, is there any documentation that shows films as being unstable when processed with blix, or are we just assuming? Or, do you have anecdotal evidence of films being unstable that were processed using blix formulations? Another reason I'm asking, I've been using the so-called '3 step' chemistry kits and am getting very satisfactory results, but am I just wasting film using this 'blix' chemistry?

Your thoughts are appreciated, thanks.

Jack O'Brien