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Clayton... yes I want to have the option of making HUGE prints. In fact, I would like the option of making 4x8 or 4x10 foot prints with as much detail as is possible. That's not to say I'll make prints that large but I don't want to be limited by the lens(es). I'm not going to make contact prints.
Ok Mike, that makes all the difference. A lot of the time LF guys are talking about acceptable sharpness for contact prints, especially 8x10 and larger formats. I read lots of positive forum info about g claron coverage and sharpness, all the way up to 80 degrees cover. When I tried some of these lenses I was disappointed, over 65 degrees sharpness noticeably falls off. That's why Schneider lists the image circles they do but everyone says they can get lots more out of them. Sure you can but edge sharpness suffers when you enlarge.

I do modest enlargements of 5x12, usually in the 3- 5x range and the 210 g claron isn't good enough for me.