Yes your right it's the same basic Andresen formula, I THINK there's not enough Hydroxide though to convert all the Metabisuphite into Sulphite, I'd have to go back & find the calculations which I have somewhere. If not all the Metabisulpte is converted it'll have far better keeping properties as there will definitely be no free Hydroxide.

It's the fact that there's the Sodium benzenesulfonate is used that's interesting and needs checking out.


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BTW, Guys going through all this posts, I also tried to mix some Rodinal.

I used this recipe:
Sol A:
water 500ml
p-aminophenol 50g
potassium metabisulfite 150g

Sol B:
water 300ml
Sodium hydroxide 100g

Sol C:
water 50ml
Potassium Bromide 5g
Sodium benzenesulfonate 0.3g

This recipe comes from Soviet Union the most known book, and states this as Foma R09 Rodinal recipe. The only difference - the formula asks for p-aminophenol hydrochloride or hydrosulfate), but looking at your discussion this is definitely the mistake. It must be the base.

The principle is almost the same as usual - slowly add Sol B into Sol A, until precipitate almost dissolved.
The add Sol C, and water to make 1l.
Sodium benzenesolfonate is used to prevent oxigen diffusion into the solution. Greatly extends it life. Has no effect on the developer.

Looks it is very similar in it's activity and properties to Agfa modern Rodinal, what is different - the color, it is very light when fresh.