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Yes your right it's the same basic Andresen formula, I THINK there's not enough Hydroxide though to convert all the Metabisuphite into Sulphite, I'd have to go back & find the calculations which I have somewhere. If not all the Metabisulpte is converted it'll have far better keeping properties as there will definitely be no free Hydroxide.

It's the fact that there's the Sodium benzenesulfonate is used that's interesting and needs checking out.

BTW, I have no electronic pH meter, but used indicator paper, it shows pH about 11,5-12.
And the thing - I just took the bottle of original Agfa Rodinal (produced 2006-2007) - it has large (5-10mm) transparent crystals in the bottle. I tried to mix rodinal many times, but I always had only very small crystals (less than 0,5mm).... And one more thing I can't understand - if I add more NaOH, crystals will dissolve, yes, pH will reach 14, but where are the crystals, which are in Agfa's developer?