OK - got the camera: Minolta X-700

got the lens: Kiron 28-105mm f3.2-4.5 MACRO 1:4

I've been shooting B&W film with the X-700 for about 30 days now.
Primarily Delta 400, but some HP5+. The closest I've come to shooting macro is at the local nursery shooting flowers with a 28mm.

I've been given a shallow depth of field class assignment. I thought I'd try shooting macro.

Although not ideal, I'd like to try shooting with this lens hand held if that's possible. Tripod's not an issue but what-if the only lens you have on the camera is a macro lens sans the tripod? I was thinking of maybe going back to the nursery. Get an idea what the potential is hand-held.

Also, are there any B&W films that are particurily suitable to macro photography? I was thinking of maybe shooting at a slower ISO, Fujifilm Acros