to think about it, my local Longs drugstore did great processing (albeit roller transport, definitely not dip-n-dunk), but 2 or 3 years ago, when I was first getting into photography, I had a roll come out twisted and bent all nasty, and that was enough for me to stop going there. It was weird, I had been there the week before, and all was well and good, but within 5-7 days, either the good person got canned or left, or someone didn't care one bit....

Great deal too, $0.75 to process 35mm and $1.25 for 120, $1.75 for 220. All kodak chemicals, but nowadays all they have is that shitty kodak dry-process printer that spits out prints with a nasty yellow cast. no wet-process anymore at all. They have a HP banner printer which I've never seen running, but they killed film processing last year.

so sometimes, its a corporate thing, but usually a good lab is a sign of good operators(people who care about your film)