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Heck if you are going that route you may as well go to the welding shop and get a tank of nitrogen like I did. Hook up a regulator to it made for the high psi, an acetlene rig will usually suffice. Only cost a few dollars for a refill.
Iíve been monitoring for a day, and seen some rather bizarre ideas. Gary's suggestion is a most ideal one. As he stated the regulator is the most expensive and AFAIK the tank is relatively cheap and the gas very cheap. I have ysed this system for decades with great success. I have a couple of compressors (one is a diaphragm compressor-vacuum) and both require extensive moisture trapping and filtration at least for air brushing (I used to make model train stuff).

Nitrogen/argon tank gas is almost pure with no danger of entrained water or oil. It is available in most welding shops or directly from the supplier. I have Lindy or whoever deliver to my door.