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Very interesting indeed; I found myself wishing it were longer, maybe with some more discussion of how these principles played out in the images accompanying the article. (Also, I couldn't, um, *see* the images accompanying the article; it looks as though the links to them are broken somehow.)

The "fake cuteness" photos are a pet peeve for me, too---for one thing, it conditions kids to stop what they're doing and force a smile when a camera points at them, which generally is the exact opposite of what I wanted!

Thanks for posting it.

Thanks so much for the kind critique. Yeah, that "fake cuteness" is a big thing in Taipei where I live most of the time and it annoys the heck out of me. 20 years from now the only thing that can be said about the photo would be "well, I was a cute baby"...but it does nothing to reveal personality.

BTW, I fixed the images on my blog (where I also published the same article) so if you want to see the article without broken photos, you can here: http://www.photojazz.ws/2008/09/stre...ting-your-kids