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About the Astia, since it seems to have somewhat lower of a contrast and extremely fine grain, I'm thinking that it might be an ideal film to use if I'm planning to dupe the slides later. I've noticed -- and not just now using a digital duplicator, but back in the days when I'd dupe slides using film -- that the contrast increases with a dupe unless one used special duplicating film or prefogged their Kodachrome 25. As a result, the shadows tend to block up, and some detail is lost in areas bordering between midrange and shadow. Seems to me that Astia might be a viable option for this.
I've been in love with Astia from roll one. What always amazes me about it is how it makes me look like I'm an expert on some side-branch of photography every time I shoot something outside my norm. For example, while I seldom shoot cars, this yellow beauty caught my eye at a highway diner...

And Astia captured it nicely for me. It just looks *good* - everyhting I shoot with it. IMHO of course. I bet you could find ten guys here that look at this shot and say wow... bet that would have looked awesome on Velvia! Or Provia, or whatever. Your opinion is all that matters in these things, so try a few and see which one captures things the way you like.