The most sensible thing to do would be to run a roll of each film from Kodak and Fuji through your camera in various conditions (flat/diffuse light, early morning and evening light, bright sun etc, with and without polariser, etc.). Then critically examine the results to determine what film does what, when and why. Ultimately disappointment is part and parcel with the enjoyment of getting the results spot on, meaning no one type of film will be ideal for all situations.

And Astia captured it nicely for me. It just looks *good* - everyhting I shoot with it. IMHO of course. I bet you could find ten guys here that look at this shot and say wow... bet that would have looked awesome on Velvia! Or Provia, or whatever. Your opinion is all that matters in these things, so try a few and see which one captures things the way you like.
Actually that shot looks fine on Astia, and yes, Velvia would indeed up the ante, but it depends on what you are doing. I've personally found Astia, mentioned frequently, to be bland and unserviceable for landscape when printed to Ilfochrome, thus Velvia (EI40) or less commonly, Provia (100F) is used for that. Credit where due, Astia excels for skin tones, while Velvia does not.