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Maybe David Goldfarb could step in here and give us a definitive reading on the Polish translation.
Not needed as it's almost certainly an error probably of translation into Polish originally, I've now confirmed the Agfa link to Sodium Benzenesulfonate use in developers in the 1930, which fits the time frame for these additives in Rodinal.

About 7 or 8 years ago I was given a list of Eastern European formulae in Polish but with translations of every chemical name except "Benzosulifinian sodow" which was why I'd put the formula to one side.

However it turns out that Kodak reference Benezesulfonates specifically in USP 2,618,558 and the cited references link Sodium benzenesulfonate directly to a 1930's Agfa Ansco Patent USP 2,000,353 (German 506,838), others cite different German Patents. Some of the other German pre-WWII Patents may be more specific and useful.

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Ian, are you quite sure about that?

That sulfonate is a soap as well as a biocide and is mentioned as a coating aid, not as an antioxidant, (as far as I was willing to read anyway)...

Did they tuck that info somewhere I did not look, or did you give us the wrong number?

It's in a few Fuji Patents, perhaps this one is better USP 2618558 where Sodium Benzenesulfonate is specifically mentioned as an anti-foggant, see attachment.

What's important is that the Patents show Agfa, Kodak and Fuji using Benzenesulfonates as anti-foggants, Agfa as far back as the 1930's.