Normally, if I read such a question, I'd assume that people would point the TO to a variety of film lists online, where one would find comparisons and parametrized decision charts. But these lists do not exist, instead I see the question "which film?" posted over and over again, and multiple answers of the "I use XYZ and it works great" or "ZYX looks like crap!" kind. Many hobbyist photographers start a new venue when an important moment comes. I got tons of gear shortly before my first kid arrived, now that my second kid is about due, an RZ67 is on its way. Testing 20 different films is great in the long run, but doesn't work when someone just wants to get started quickly.

I see two possible ways for us to help newcomers with their film decision:
  1. We could start galleries for different film types, either here or in the gallery section. These galleries would not focus on artistic composition or dramatic captures, but on the qualities of the film in question. If other forums can do this with lenses and cameras, we could do it with films. Questions specific to one film could be posted here and the answers can be found easily by later newcomers.
  2. We could start a sticky thread which lists films based on their measurable qualities: latitude, contrast, skin color reproduction, color saturation, grain, ... Obviously, each film entry could point to its associated gallery if available.