Thanks guys! Very helpful info!

"Another thing, you should give away the Leica and get a real camera. Just because I like you, I'll take it off your hands."

Sorry, no way!

I was very skeptical of the M6 when I took the plunge and bought one. I had used a Nikon8008s for years, with nikon lenses. When I got my first roll back from the Leica I couldn't believe the difference. Although my Nikon images were good, the Leica images seemed to be on another level. I use no filters and the contrast is beautiful. Everything is sharp from corner to corner with no light fall off. The slides have a 3-D feel when you see them on the light table, something I never felt with my Nikon slides. I'm sold on the Leica for 35mm, but overall would prefer medium format or large format (just gotta get my deardorf going&#33.