I have owned both Mamiya 7 and Bronica RF645 - I have kept the Bronica and sold the Mamiya. The Mamiya was OK, but I liked using the Bronica so much more - (auto dark slide, viewfinder info, grip, controls on back). I found that most of the time I was doing vertical shots which the Bronica is designed to do. The auto functions/metering on the Bronica are also a notch up from the Mamiya and while the bodies are about the same size there is a big differece in the size of the lenses. I use the wide alot, the normal some, and the short tele rarely. Also, here in the US the Bronica with two lenses and the matching flash cost just a little more than a Mamiya body with normal lens. However, there are more lenses in the Mamiya line to customize your set up. I found the quality of the negitives from either camera to be top notch - you should be able to do very nice work with either of these. Best thing to do is to hold each of them, and see which feels better - especially when you need to rotate them out of their normal position.