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Ian, my hat's off to you. And I don't even wear a hat...
Well that's my pack of "Bessachrom" Voigthlander plates, and my father shot rather a lot of images on Selochrome on his regiments (IEME light tanks) long march from Karachi, through the mountains on the Afgan border, Persia, Lebaon, Syria, Palestine and Egypt and witnessed Rommel and Montgomery's epic El Alamein tank battle, they were on the edge of the fighting closing off bolt holes

My mum took a few picture of me as a kid on Verichrome, then later when my sister was born Werichrome Pan

So you see "Chrome" could mean different things to different people.

I said earlier it's a purely slang term mainly US for colour slides but actual usage goes back far further.

In the UK it was rare to here the word Chrome used for transparencies, clients would say can you shoot B&W & tranny, or specify colour neg,, but usually they said what the work was for and that governed the choice.

Then when I went to the lab early 70's I'd have to say E4 or Agfa for some professional development because Agfa transparency and negative films weren't E4 or C-22 compatible a fact that labs hated.