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But is it ?

I think it's right on the borderline for classification, wetting agents are longer chains.
Well, that's plain wrong. Follow the link I gave it is it clearly listed as a soap (i.e. a detergent).

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In the Kodak PPD/Benzenesulfonate Patent they say it's used to help PPD dissolve, that's nonsense it's there for another reason.
Have you heard of co-solvents? A small amount of one compound is added to help another compound dissolve into the primary solvent (water in this case). The reason benzene sulfonate is going to be a good cosolvent is that it has both hydrophobic (water hating - the benzene part) and hydrophyllic (water loving - the sulfate part) functional groups in the molecule. That's pretty much how detergents work too.

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You can use a detergent as an Insecticide, or a soap, spray a solution of it on the insects and they drown, but if it's an antioxidant it'll be better
Not sure why any possible antioxidant properties make a difference for pesticides...

But for use as a soap in pesticides, it is not going to be the major toxic component in those pesticide formulations!