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It is well known that Benzene sulfonates help PPDs dissolve! In fact, a close analog, pTosyl (para Toluene Sulfonic Acid) is used for all CD3 developers and CD6 developers today.

OK, earlier post #287 you had almost no knowledge of Benzene sulphonates

Now it's well known That's irrelevant, these are marginal chemical combinations in most uses. . . . . . . . .

What's important is that something else happens between PPD and Benzenesulphonates, it isn't just about helping PPD to dissolve, it's preventing oxidation as well.

The same inter-reaction is taking place with p-Aminophenol preventing or rather holding back oxidation.

There's an equilibrium complex involved, my extremely rusty Organic chmistry is returning, my Biochemistry was my strong point