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I couldn't find this on a quick google search and it's been bugging me..

Why is slide film referred to as 'chrome' ????

chris, to get back to your original question ...
chrome = slide film mainly because it was easier to say chrome,
instead of whatever brand it was. it was lingo mainly to
professional, since most of what was shot ( color at least )
and all the diapositive or slide films end in chrome ...

as for the derivation of the word chrome and why it is
used at all in photography, who knows ...
photography has had a history of trying to be as prove itself as
the "fine arts" so probably the person who came up with "chrome"
with whatever prefix he decided to use - auto ( was he first ? )
was trying to be fancy, by referring to the greeks ...
seeing that the summer olympics were held in paris in 1900 ..


and probably paris was still "greek-crazy" ..

as for the rest of them, probably autochromes were seen as
"the best!" so the name-makers were just referring back to IT, when
putting the name chrome in whatever name was used.