While I was out to lunch today, a customer came in with a Agfa PB-20 w/ Tripor folding camera they bought at a thrift store. I swear I remember it saying "Tripor" rather than "Tripar" and the shutter did not say Plenax. It also only had made by Agfa and not Agfa/Ansco, which is the camera that I found online info about. Not that any of that matters as I need to try and process this film the best I can and with as much knowledge as I can have.


With it was this roll of film. The camera states to use Agfa PB-20 film (Which I am also unfamiliar with), so I am unsure as to what this film is, that I have been given.
"Supre-Tone" are the only words on the paper.
I assume from the name that "Supre" must mean Supreme and the word "Tone" would refer to this being a B&W film in 620 format. And color may not have been made yet. This film is not one of the six films listed at "Butkus" as far as I can tell. Maybe someone remembers the little pointing hands on the paper as a trade mark of a company.

On hand, I have Clayton F76+ film developer and Kodak T-Max RS, so if anyone has suggestions on times, I would like to hear them.

Please see pictures, Thank You for your help,