Hi Californians,
I am travelling from Sydney to New York on business in early November and have tacked on some vacation and have 7 nights to plan. The first two are booked at Joshua Tree. I'm still tossing up how to spend the next 5 days getting to SFO; whether to stay inland and see more NPs or head back to the coast and wind up through Big Sur and Carmel. One thing I'm not sure of is the early November weather/accessibility in areas like Kings Canyon, Sequoia etc. I imagine Yosemite might be a gamble in a small hire car at that time? (18 years ago I visited Yosemite, Monument Valley, Death Valley and Grand Canyon albeit not with my serious photography head on)

Appreciate any and all thoughts you might have. I realise it is a lot of potential territory to cover. I was toying with the whole idea of the "Nostalgia Tour 09" and checking off locations like Oceano, Point Lobos etc that have a strong photographic resonance but I believe some of these places aint like they used to be?