Fred, Michael, Rudeofus, the obvious problem with pbase and other non-APUG resources is that some folks can take great liberties with their scanned slides. What would be helpful would be a representative scene taken with all the various films, and then scanned identically and displayed side by side. At least for the velvias, this was done recently in View Camera. IIRC the article showed significant difference between velvia 50, 100, 100F, and the original 50 in terms of colour rendition (esp. in the yellows) and overall shadow detail. Alas it did not make a comparison to Astia, Provia and the Kodaks. And I don't think 400x was available at the time, too bad because that is a very interesting film- extremely versatile. IMHO astia/400x are a very good 'neutral' combo. Actually, I see more similarities between astia 100f and provia 400x than, 400x and provia 100f.