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I know nothing about benzene sulfonate itself as an antioxidant.

As for the properties of benzene sulfonates or p-tosylates as antioxidants or as helpers in dissolving, it is known from fundamental chemistry that organic aryl amines (metol, pAP, and PPDs) all oxidize rapidly as free bases and dissolve slowly as free bases. If they are predissolved in an equmolar solution of ANY acid, then they dissolve much more rapidly in water and they are much more resistant to aerial oxidation

So help me, I am not trying to make fun of you but of myself. I was trying to remember where I used the term "PPD" before. Suddenly it came. It is from a previous life and there it means "Post Prandial Depression", which is what makes one want to fall asleep after a meal. It is an important part of Human Factors Research.