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I've always wondered how this got started but in the US we 'hire' people and 'rent' things; thus "... in a small rental car ...".

... and by the way, in this case I think us yanks have it correct.

Denis K
... don't start the pedant in me! it should be "...we yanks are correct"
Both words work here and are interchanged. 'Rental' mainly for the type you pick up at airports and 'hire' for weddings, graduations etc. which come with a driver so I concede the point

Language differences can be fun and frustrating. I lived in the US for a few years and can translate pretty well on the fly. On my first visit 25 years ago I was in a diner and asked for extra serviettes (napkins) for the table. The waitress was very perplexed. We figured out later she thought I were saying soviets and was being asked to bring some more Russians to the table!