for me, when loading film holders at home, I use the shower...

just wait, I'll explain. Since I'm in sunny So Cal too, I know what you're talking about re: dust

I run the shower on HOT only for a minute or two, give it enough time to steam up nicely. The idea of this is to let the steam grab any dust particles out of the air and take them to the ground. So, after all my family's gone to bed, I run the shower for a minute or two, then close all the windows(after letting the steam and water vapor go out the window, or use the "exhaust your butt smells"(as my little bro calls it) fan in the ceiling(my preferred method).

Then i close the lid of the toilet, and sit down, with the empty film holders on the sink counter next to me, and the box of film sitting on the magazine box in front of me.

I also make sure to thoroughly rid myself of any static before loading film as well.

Of course loading in the dark . I got some black velvet-type material that I clothespin over the windows in the bathroom, and its as light tight as I need, no problems so far!