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Why would you say that?

I'm not a wedding photographer, but I certainly don't think that photographing a wedding competently is "whoring". Even doing it incompetently isn't whoring so much as it is lazy and deceitful.

You can make a credible argument that wedding photography is more craft than art, though some may disagree even with that.
You missed the point. I have shot weddings very successfully. I do not enjoy the hand holding and being told what to do ...
A short story of one of my experiences: While I was in college, one of the guys in the dorm was getting married. He asked me to be the photographer. Both he and his intended were of the hefty persuasion as were the members of both families and the guests. I was careful to not have any round or square objects in the background. When I printed the photographs, I tilted the easel a standard amount for all photographs so that everyone was elongated.

When I delivered the albums for the couple and one for each family they were elated. No one had ever photographed them so well! Everyone felt that I had finally captured the real them! I got so many orders for prints, that the one wedding paid for one year in college for me.
I enjoy photography at my own pace and enjoyment. I have chosen not to have photography as my means of earning a living. Hence I enjoy what I am doing. Why put up with all the pressure to please other people for money, when I can go out and enjoy myself.