One of the unstated goals of the book has been to supply the reader with a simple and inexpensive method to measure vAg. This is critical in double run emulsions, in order to know where you are in the grand scheme of things making a particular crystal.

I have been working on this for nearly a year now, and have been able to make my first measurement of vAg today. If things work out, then I have made a major step forward for the craft of emulsion making, and I can reduce it to about 3 simple parts for the experimenter.

Right now, I have a breadboard with pieces all over the benchtop, and the readings are erratic, but the general error with 1 M NaBr is on the order of 6 millivolts which is not bad for the first "real" setup. The error becomes larger with greater dilution. That is what I face right now.

I would like to thank Kirk Keyes, Jim Browning and Bud Wilson for help and support in this. Without their expert opinions and help, this preliminary result would not have been possible.

Give me some time to think on the problems and get feedback and I'll try to get better results.