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Several of the vendors listed previously also offer the Trebla FilmPAC for about $70. This kit is supposed to have everything needed to process C-41 and does not use BLIX. It's way less expensive than the $257 quoted earlier. You would need to go through a lot of film to make that worthwhile (maybe start your own mini-lab for friends and family?).
I tried finding the Trebla option and although a few places list the "FilmPac" on their websites they don't stock it anymore and I couldn't find it anywhere in the US. It indeed looked like an economical option with the ability to process close to 500 rolls for around 70 bills.

You can still source the individual Trebla components but if I end up going this route I will use Kodak.

It also appears no one that will ship has everything so I'll have to order from 2 places...or maybe take a trip up to NYC so I can walk into B&H.

Such a PITA.