"For us folks outside of the U.S.A. the shipping cost of TF-4 as a liquid is prohibitive. For this reason mixing a suitable replacement would be a nice option."

Any E6/C41-fixer will serve the purpose of rapid and neutral/alkaline odorless fixing as good or better than TF4 - at a much lower price.

I pay 6EUR/2l for the Calbe FX-R, which is good for 10l of fixing solution (the 5l jugs are even cheaper in comparison) - Calbe is Fuji-Hunt chemistry... Tetenal calls it "Unicolor Fix", Agfa labels their competetive product "FX Universal" and even states that you can use it for BW film and paper on the label.

Re ferrotyping -the extreme high gloss adds to the density and contrast, it doesn´t serve any image... sometimes it "glows". Why do people have so much trouble with ferrotyping their prints? The papers have changed. Thats it.