I got a ATL-1500 and have never really figured out how much C41 chemicals I need to fully develop my rolls of film. The ATL-1500 processor only takes up to 750ml or so of chemicals, so I can not run the whole liter.

In the past I've used Tetenal C41, and tried to reuse the chemicals a few times.

The first tries I mixed up 500ml and ran two rolls in it, and tried to re-use them as they came out (also increasing development times). On the second and third re-use I got a heavy cyan cast, and a lot of grain.

Lately I've mixed up 1000ml, but only used 500ml in the processor at each run. I've also added a short stop bath between the developer and the blix. The used 500ml I pour back into "fresh" chemicals. This has given me somewhat better result, but not prefect.

Should I stick to Tetenal (it is a lot easier to get around here in Sweden than Kodak) or switch to Kodak? I'm not even sure I can get some Kodak chemicals here.

And more importanly; should I stop re-using my chemicals and just do single-use to get better result? But then I would not like to spend 500ml on two rolls of film. 250ml would be OK though.

Anyone got any experience running Tetenal C41 in your JOBO? Please let me know. I'm desperate