Hello everyone. I'm new here and I wanted some advice from anyone willing to give it. I have a bunch of pro darkroom gear/equipment that I've been unable to sell to anyone. My last resort is to call a scrap metal company to see if they want the stainless. However, it kills me to see all of this stuff just torn apart and destroyed. I just heard about APUG and I went ahead and put a listing in the classifieds here; but, I doubt anyone will purchase such a volume of stuff - especially from out of state.

Any suggestions? I have a Kreonite 20" RA4, a Noritsu HM-60 E6 monster, a nice slide mounter, and loads and loads of other stuff - from a night-vision photo lab monoculer to specific gravity hand-blown glass. I sold all of my enlargers, I had 7-4x5's at one point...but, the rest of this stuff is killing me. Everything works, everything is in good condition - I just can't store it anymore.