Hi All,

I suppose most businesses are hurting these days thanks to the recession. I'm definitely seeing a trend on APUG of members choosing financial hardship subscriptions or 3 month subscriptions instead of the regular subs. This is understandable, so lately I have been diverting a lot of my time to building new websites for the photocentric ltd. portfolio. Basically concepts I have been sitting on since 2005 and will now be giving them a try. I just wanted to state this in an announcement because I have been a little scarce lately and wanted to explain why. I have one of these new sites launching hopefully next week and 2 additional sites following over the next 2 months (the other two sites involve partnerships which ensure I can spread the workload). I'm hoping these new ventures will keep me in the black vs. heading back to a corporate cubicle somewhere. Another issue that complicates matters is the NZ dollar which is unusually strong. There were times when $1.00US dollar would convert to $2.20NZ (the good ole days!) but now $1.00US converts to around $1.30NZ. So... my focus for the next couple of months is to find new ways to increase revenue and for that I apologise if it leaves me scarce at times on APUG. I'm still usually lurking on APUG several times a day, answering helpdesk calls and managing the web server.. so if you need anything just ask. I'll keep you posted on the new sites and once the dust settles from that I'll definitely be far more available.