By the way, using 1 liter of developer for a roll of 220 is not bad at all. A 220 roll is a lot of film. One liter of developer is just one Jobo bottle only. The problem that I am trying to address is that a Jobo ATL-2300 is a fairly large processor. I have to say the designer of this processor probably knew nothing about C-41/E-6 capacity. The chemical tanks are for 1 liter of juice only. Despite that you can use a large drum with a huge number of reels in it you can process only one roll of 220 at a time. This is really brain damaged for a processor costing $8k (when new).

I have processed with 850 ml instead of 1 liter for a roll of 220. The result was good. I have tried 730 ml but the result begin to be problematic.