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Agfacolor films never used C-22, but skipped it and used C-41 since 1978.
That's brought back a memory from student days in the 70's when my local photo shop sent a dozen or so of my Agfa CN17 films to the local (cheapy?) wholesale processing lab, who put them through C-22! Despite my pointing this out and requesting that they be sent to the official lab which Agfa had in the UK in those days!

That was the end of my business with that shop for ever, and I swapped totally to Kodak products for color after that (though it wasn't Agfa's fault).
The pics were from a special student vacation which I'd saved up for over a couple of years, but fortunately my friends also taken pics and put together a set of their prints.

(The shop did give me a dozen free films, but only after threats of a lawyer!)