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you do know that _all_ film has a silver emulsion, including C41 and E6, no? Thats where a silver residue would come from in case of improper bleaching/fixing. ;-)
Your post read: "I have read elsewhere that blixes are not the best because they can leave a silver residue/ grain on the film..."

This could be a problems in semantics - I read this as, "The blixes themselves leave additional silver residues/ grains ON the film".

Improper bleaching and fixing would be something different - to me: NOT removing "that which SHOULD have been removed" from the interior (rather than "on") of the film.

Improper bleach-fixing presents more problems that those - distinct color shift/ density and time stability, to name a few.

I have been processing color for some time, now, ~ 15 years (!!) and I have never used chemistry with separate bleach and fix - so I really cannot comment about the desirability of one method over the other. I will say that the results I've obtained are totally acceptable to me -- and In My Humble Opinion - FAR better han those obtained from the BEST commercial processing labs - I won't even mention the "one-hour" garbage.