Hi Nathan
I have been to Austin three or four times, In my younger days I played competitive fastball and we spent a few weeks in Austin playing tournaments in Austin against Texas fast ball teams.
I have a old friend who use to live in the area and if I was to be stuck in any area other than Ontario, Austin , San Antonio would be my choice.
I promised my wife a trip to the area and meeting a few photographers in the area would be great.
Laura and I have been photographing Ontario Region , landscape , urban and rural for a few years now and we want to continue the theme but with a southern twist. We travel with our dogs and basically move day to day with no restraints , finding a cheap hotel that is dog friendly seems to be no problem for us as we have travelled well in the States this way.

This trip includes stops in Kentucky, Texas, and then to Georgia , South and North Carolina. If we get lucky and are not exhausted we also would like to visit the USA capital.
Our interest seems to be more about day to day lifestyle in the areas we visit and tend to spend more time trying to find a great place to have a nice meal at the end of the day , with a clean room to lay our heads down and hook up a hibatchi to cook our normal meals and stay for a few days to explore the area.
I would really like to see a ranch and maybe document this culture which is so foreign to me as the closest I get to this type of envioronment is to visit the Royal Winter Fair.
Maybe I have watched too many John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies but a working ranch would be outstanding to visit.
thanks for the offer and I hope we can hook up. I imagine we will be in your area for New Years and the first week of Jan.

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Bob, I'm a northerner (ME, Quebec, MA) stuck in Austin except when traveling, which is frequent. What brings you to Austin and what would you like to see? There are hill country wineries > 100; funky roadhouses; fine restaurants; elegant shopping; early spanish missions in San Antonio; ranch country west of Austin; impressive turn of the century county courthouses; etc. Austin is a young and modern city and contrasts greatly from the outlying old TX towns. If you need a free place to stay I think I'll be here during some of Jan. Shoot me a PM on the LF forum if you so desire - I don't spend much time on APUG.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.