there is a good aspect in the "one hour garbage" - it makes chemicals cheap and plenty for all of us. Without them there would be no Rodinal (same plant, same process line, same staff chained to the filling line), no cheap odorless fixer, no stabilizer for my prints. :-)

Yep, semantics. The Blix doesn´t clean it up, so it leaves something behind - thats obviously a language problem, not an actual one...

Recently I was quite pleased - a friend used a 1999 Colortec C41 kit to process a roll of XP2S, with decent results (Tetenal uses a simple scheme in their Charge number system: XYY1234 means X the year in the last decade, YY the week of the year) . No greening (as I suffered from with one hour labs. :-(), decent negatives.