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I do !

Assuming you're asking for the stout.

With today's weather I guess the Imperial stout makes the most sense.

400 grams of Black patent
1kg carastan [it's a light munich]
1kg wheat malt
1kg wheat flakes
10.5 kgs of 2 row malt

Kettle additions

2kgs of light brown sugar [Not sure what you'd use in the UK for this. Treacle would be stronger in flavour and not ferment to the same extent. I'd go for a mix of cane sugar and molasses]

250 grams of Hallertua hops. You can swap in anything that'll give you a similar hop level.

It's a long boil. Figure 1.5 + hours depending on how much you sparge.

batch size ended up at 42 litres. SG 1.086 and FG 1.014 for the last batch I made. Obviously the ferment will take awhile. Use lots of fresh ale yeast. I normally make a batch of bitter first and when that gets racked off the yeast cake I make this beer up and pour it right onto the yeast cake. If you do that make sure you have LOTS of head room. It can be an explosive ferment. Think volcano.