As there seems to be some mor interest in the CN-17...

There were several CN-17's:

CN-17 (maskless, later CN-17 Universal until 1975)

CN-17 M (single-masked, Photokina 1965)

CN-17 M (double-masked, combining Agfa and Gevaert technology, first introduced in the USA, 1965)

CN-17 Special (same film, 1966)

CNS (20 DIN, first Agfacolor with twin halide layers, magenty & cyan, 1968)

CNS (new yellow coupler 1969)

CNS took the same process as the old CN-17 Universal, but with a slightly longer fixing time.
CN-17 Special took also the same process, but as the masking took place in the bleach bath, this had to be regenerated.