My bulk loader is a Watson, but the principle should be the same. To load the loader with a new roll, I put the loader and the bulk tin in the changing bag, open the bulk tin, take the roll out of the bag, take the roll drum off the loader, and put the roll into the drum. It can go in in one of two ways, first, with the emulsion side down as the leader comes through into the cassette loading chamber, and second, with the emulsion side up and facing out to you. The first way is correct, the second is disaster. In the cassette loading chamber, there will be a sprocket wheel that meshes with the film perforations, and counts the frames as they go in to the cassette. The emulsion side should be in contact with the sprockets, so the film should face down on to the sprockets. It if's facing up, you need to turn the bulk roll over to the other orientation inside the drum of the loader.

It's a whole lot easier than it sounds!