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Does it have the recipe for Neutol WA by any chance? If so, can you list it here please and thank you?
Daniel, there is a thread titled "All the same developer" in the APUG Chemistry Recipes.

The current version of Agfa Neutol WA is a Phenidone/Hydroquinone developer according to the most recent Agfa MSDS sheet. Neutol WA is reported to be very similar to Ilford ID-78. The recipe for ID-78 was posted by Ian Grant in the APUG Chemistry Recipes section.

From the Chemistry Recipes thread:

"Well, Dektol is a Metol/Hydroquinone developer.

Bromophen, Ilford Universal and Ilford Multigrade are all Phenidone/Hydroquinone developers with development characteristics that are similar to Dektol's.

Agfa Neutol WA is a warm toned Phenidone/Hydroquinone developer, it is most similar to Ilford ID 78.

The other version of Agfa Neutol is an ascorbic acid based developer - with very different characteristics from Agfa Neutol WA.

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Hi Tom,

I knew that warmtone Neutol isn't the same. But wWhat about Afga Neutol NE?
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According to the current Agfa MSDS, the current version of Agfa Neutol NE contains the same chemicals that are listed for Agfa-120 (see the APUG Chemistry Section recipe), with the addition of EDTA, Tetrasodium salt (i.e. water softener).

The Neutral Tone of the NE version of Neutol is probably achieved by reducing/adjusting the amount of Potassium Bromide."