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Why I don't like shooting in the cold:
1) It's cold. Cuss.
2) Shivering contributes to camera shake, so you must use a pod.
3) It's cold. More cussing.
4) Pods are even colder and must use gloves.
5) It's cold. Advanced cussing.
6) Must take gloves back off to set things like f/stops.
7) It's cold. Post graduate cussing.
8) Breath on ground or lens.
9) It's &^%#@ cold!
10) If you need a picture of snow, just take a sheet of paper out. Bypass the developer and stop bath by putting it directly into the fix.

Now the darkroom is inside and warm with a lot less cussing - most of the time.
I solved those problems; I moved to Hawaii.