Three more postcards received:

Canoes at Moraine Lake by Gordrob -- lovely tones Gord, on what I assume is a beautiful location. I was in Banff this past weekend but the road to Moraine Lake was closed. I supposed I could have walked it, but I wasn't prepared (clothing-wise) for the -20 C temperatures we had there over the past few days. Thanks also for the lovely comments about my card.

The creepy statue by Tim Gray. I really like the statue Tim, and the way you shot it does give it a slightly off-key air about it. I probably could waste a roll or two shooting it myself! Love the Endura paper it was printed on -- it gives it really cool metallic look.

And last, but not least: "Handle your trash" by Roger. I like the weathered texture a lot, and it has a beautiful colour from the toning. I think I would have liked to see a little more of the door around the handle, but that's just me.

Like many others, I'm a few short this round (but who isn't? I've never received the full number of postcards back that I've sent out in any round), but having been a bit late myself in an earlier exchange, I'm more than willing to wait.