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I picked up a Nikon bellows unit off eBay and it seems to be in good working condition. The world of bellows on the 35mm is not new and I was hoping someone might be able to decipher/explain the markings on the rails for me. There are two different sets on each rail and the sets on the two rails differ from each other as well. Attached are some pics. Sorry for the quality.
you have bellows focusing attachment for nikon f

When using the bellows with the nikkor 50mm for f or the nikkor 135mm in short mount, approximate reproduction ratios corresponding to various extension lengths of the bellows and exposure factors reqiured for the extension lengths can be read along the scales engraved on the rails by means of the black colored upper and lower figures respectively.

Choose either of the scales depending on whether the 135mm or 50mm lens is used. In both cases the front edge of the lens-mount slider serves as the index for reading the scales.

The red-colored figures along the scales are to be read when the lens-side slider of the bellows is brought to the limit (not in contact with the lens-side brace) and extension of the bellows is changed by moving the camera-mount slider, the rear edge of which serves as an index for reading the scale. Focusing is made by adjusting the focus ring of the lens.

for use with slide copying adapter used on bellows attachment for nikon f

Determine the extension of the bellows by sliding the camera-side slider, after loosening the lock lever on the camera mount slider, along the rails on which the reproduction ratios and exposure factors for duplication are read, use the red colored figures. Set the rear edge of the camera-mount slider at the desired red graduation line. Focus is made by adjusting the focus ring of the lens.