Well, back from part 2 of my spend-the-RA4-1-Gallon-kit-before-it-spoils printing marathon, and I printed mostly 35mm.

I'm not as thrilled as 120, perhaps because the smaller enlargement ratio of 120 helps with saturation, but I find 35mm colours not to be as nice. Based on my times, there appears to be a difference in base density between the two (in B&W, 35mm film and 120 do not usually have the same base). IDK whether this can have an effect on the final look, but for now, I think Ektar is a 120 film for me. (Cue to hybrid users: chuck your DSLR and scan this film!).

My prints from 120 are closer to the scans I have in my gallery than my prints from 35mm are. I'll scan some 8x10 when I can to show the difference.

For now I'm glad to have whittled down my film palette to 4 reliable films:

1) Portra 400NC for speed and contrast, better flesh tones, good any day, anywhere;
2) Ektar 100 for saturation, punch, and sunny scenes;
3) Tri-X for the eternal B&W look and for the occasional extreme pushing (3200);
4) TMAX 400 (TMY) for clarity, sharpness, exactitude, smoothness.

In 120, I use Portra, Ektar and TMAX ; in 35mm I think I will stick to Tri-X, it's really what 35mm is made for. That or the occasional slide (E100VS, because what's the point of shooting slides if they're not saturated??).