Well ... In fact I have no more belief in Tetenal chems because of the RA-4 blix that is defective, too often leaves silver in print and gives yellowish stain. So I don't want to buy anything from Tetenal anymore. In addition, Photo Engineer here keeps saying that blix for film is a bad bad thing. So, I've done one side-to-side comparison that showed no problems with Tetenal C-41 blix, but then again, I can't be sure. As I want to be sure that the chemicals really work 100% in every situation, that's the reason we switched to Kodak E6 and Fuji C-41, although these particular Tetenal kits seemed to have worked fine with the promised capacity.

We ordered our Tetenal kits from Nordfoto, Germany, www.nordfoto.de, and Fuji&Kodak kits from AG-Photographic, UK, www.ag-photographic.co.uk . Here in Finland the availability is probably even worse than in Sweden. Telefoto (www.telefoto.fi) sells Tetenal's C-41 kits 1 liter 29 EUR, 5 liter 97 EUR and these are special orders so you have to wait. 3-bath E6 is 49 EUR for one liter -- this is the only kit available from the shelf -- and 99 EUR for 5 liters, again special order. Not so nice.

But, as Finnish post is so expensive, it usually costs about the same or even less to order from abroad.