Mmm... I should have looked at the postage charge first. It's a whopping 5.95 even for one film! It stays at 5.95 even if ordering 10 films which makes things better but it is still beaten by 7dayshop and Fujifilm U.K.

Even a small enterprise like Mathers of Lancashire beats it unless the order quantities approach 10 films.

I hadn't expected such a high charge for postage. One film in its packet weighs only 30g and even 10 are only 300g plus packing of course but this won't add a lot. Other companies seem to manage smaller postage charges.

It's a pity about the postage charge. The price for 36exp Neopan 400(2.49) beats even Fujifilm U.K.s price for a 10 pack(2.67 per film) but the postage wipes out the advantage

Maybe Digitaltruth will review its postage charge for smaller quantities. If not then it becomes just another runner in a very close race and not an outright winner but only if you buy biggish quantities. Buy under 5 films and it doesn't compete at all.

Of course all of this assumes that Andrew Moxom is right and that it is Acros 100 and Neopan 400.

Ah well