"For that kind of money I might just whore myself out as a wedding photographer!"

If you can shoot when you have no opportunity to do remakes or reshoots and have to get it right the first time or fail... maybe you should.

Many can't shoot weddings or quick events because they are not talented enough. Some don't shoot it because they don't want to. Those who do this work are not whoring. Not at all.

It looks so easy but figure out fill flash on the shadow side of a brides face while not overexposing the white dress or wiping out detail in the black Tux the groom is wearing and do the shot with 200 guests looking on urging you to hurry so they can get to the refreshments and on with the cake cutting.

It takes talent and skill to shoot this way. Just ask those who have tried and discovered shooting 'one time and it has to be right' is too much work.

Just as with so many things, it isn't as easy as it looks.