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Well ... In fact I have no more belief in Tetenal chems because of the RA-4 blix that is defective, too often leaves silver in print and gives yellowish stain. So I don't want to buy anything from Tetenal anymore. In addition, Photo Engineer here keeps saying that blix for film is a bad bad thing. So, I've done one side-to-side comparison that showed no problems with Tetenal C-41 blix, but then again, I can't be sure. As I want to be sure that the chemicals really work 100% in every situation, that's the reason we switched to Kodak E6 and Fuji C-41, although these particular Tetenal kits seemed to have worked fine with the promised capacity.

We ordered our Tetenal kits from Nordfoto, Germany, www.nordfoto.de, and Fuji&Kodak kits from AG-Photographic, UK, www.ag-photographic.co.uk . Here in Finland the availability is probably even worse than in Sweden. Telefoto (www.telefoto.fi) sells Tetenal's C-41 kits 1 liter 29 EUR, 5 liter 97 EUR and these are special orders so you have to wait. 3-bath E6 is 49 EUR for one liter -- this is the only kit available from the shelf -- and 99 EUR for 5 liters, again special order. Not so nice.

But, as Finnish post is so expensive, it usually costs about the same or even less to order from abroad.
Is professional quality E6 or C-41 processing available in Finland?